Thursday, May 17, 2007


Here's another interesting quote that seems to relate to the pictured prayer card in "Loss"

Richard Rohr writes

Walter Brueggemann, my favorite Scripture teacher, points out that about one third of the Psalms are psalms of “lament”, but they have been the least used by Catholic and Protestant liturgies. We think, perhaps, they express sinful anger or negativity, when grief and loss are actually something quite different. We think they make us appear weak, helpless, and vulnerable, and most of us don’t want to go there. We think, perhaps, they show a lack of faith, whereas they are probably the summit of faith. So we quickly resort to praise and thanksgiving, even when it is often dishonest emotion. We forget that Jesus called weeping a “blessed” state (Matthew 5:5). We forget that only one book of the Bible is named after an emotion: Jeremiah’s book of “Lamentation”.

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