Tuesday, February 12, 2008

War with Iran

We need to get more oil, so we can build our military, so we can be more powerful, so we can get more oil, so we can build our military, so we can be more powerful. . .

I don't have time to make a video like the old anti-cocaine public message.

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Gili said...

Unfortunately, things aren't that simple. Iran hasn't been in the US media spotlight for many years now, but they've been busy and they've been up to no good.

Before you write this off as simple warmongering please read up on what Iran has been doing during the last 20 years, much of it having little to do with the US. They have been training and funding terrorists for decades now and waging a political war with Saudi Arabia on the side.

Sure they weren't waging direct war on the US but they set loose a lot of terrorists on US allies in the middle-east.

The international community waited for some sort of democratic revolution for decades now but it simply hasn't happened. Everyone ignored the problem until Iran decided to up the ante and seek nuclear weapons.

There is only one way to avoid war from breaking out, and allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons is not that. If diplomatic pressure yields no results (and again, this has been going on for decades now) then war is simply inevitable. Not just from the US, but from Iran's many enemies. Their prime minister has done an awful job of threatening pretty much every country in the middle-east once a month for years now. Needless to say, they're not very popular in those parts...